About Me

I’m Cathy and I make Sea Glass Jewellery with Hand collected UK Sea Glass. 

Most of the Sea Glass I use is found at the beaches around Seaham (North East UK) .The area was famous for the Largest Bottle-Works Factory in the UK. It was also known for Vase making factories nearby in Sunderland.

At the end of each day the factories dumped large glass globules into the sea. The Sea Glass was then tossed by the waves for up to 100 years , making the smooth and colourful varieties that are unique to Seaham.

The unique colours found in the North East are what make Seaham such a special place. You can find multicolour pieces as well as rare colours. 

I also Sea Glass Hunt in Cornwall and Devon, as well as Kent , Scotland and Pembrokeshire in Wales  .These are my New Limited Edition Collections. I look out for Sea Glass wherever I go !